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photo: Klaudia Promessi
Despite being a city Oakland is home to a lot of wild animals. Some of them are so familiar we probably see them every day: pigeons are the most obvious example, but what about bees and sparrows? Even the most cemented areas have thriving weedy plants, and these make food for lots of creatures: not only for those birds and bees but also for insects and rodents.

Even a handful of trees can create habitat for a multitude of animals: squirrels, scrub jays, opossums and hummingbirds, just to name a few. In areas with more trees, shrubs and/or grassy fields you'll also see ground squirrels and woodpeckers, deer and bats, even snakes and wild turkeys. Add a creek or lake and you'll also see many species of fish and amphibians.

We're lucky to have lots of woods, grassland and water in Oakland—and even though they're only a small portion of what they used to be, and every bit of our development compromises them, we can access these important habitats in our parks, shores and creeks. Go to our walks & trails page to learn more, and consider that we share our home with all of these animals and that the health of our city is intimately tied up with theirs.

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