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this month elizabeth rivera: views of a cemetary

elizabeth rivera's images of Mountain View Cemetery are all about taking pleasure in the immediate landscape. Many of us have been in Mountain View and seen its panoramic bay views, but this uniquely vast ground has something to look at everywhere you turn. elizabeth's photos find the curve of the land, the form of everyday trees, and the life abundant in a place for the dead--all shot with a Blackberry Torch.

Oakland is such a beautiful city! I hella love Oakland! As an Oakland resident for the last 34 years, one of my special and favorite places to walk is the Mountain View Cemetary off of Pleasant Valley Road. The grounds are expansive, decorated with majestic trees full of colorful leaves making it seem like Fall when it's supposed to be Winter in the Bay Area. I love the silence one finds here that makes the hummingbirds' wings sound like airplane engines as they zoom around me. So many different routes to explore, going past structures and markers commemorating the lives of those laid to rest here. I am in awe and humbled by the multitude of breathtaking and beautiful views of the West and East Bay while walking in this precious and welcome gem of urban serenity. Enjoy! -elizabeth

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elizabeth rivera: views of a cemetary
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